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Mammalia Guide I


Mammalia Guide I


Mixed media


15 x 10.25 in

Mammalia (Guide); I; See card 2; Drawer I; General; 4 cards; Mammalia; Artiodactyla; Hybrids (Ass-Zebra, Cattalo, Zebra-Mule, Tiglon); Monotremata (Echinoidea, Platypus, Proechidna); Marsupialia (Bandicoot, Cuscus, Dasyures, Kangaroo, Kangaroo-Rat, Opossum, Kaola, Tasmanian Devil, Tasmanian Wolf, Yapock, Wombat); Edentata (Ant-eater, Aardvark, Armadillo, Pangolin, Tamandua [ant-eater]); Rodentia (Agouti, Beaver, Capybara, Cavy or Pacca, Chinchilla or Cony, Coupus or Coype Rat, Dormouse, Deermouse, Gopher, Hamster, Hare, Chipmunk [see Squirrel], Hutia, Guinea-Pig, Jerboa, Lemming, Lophiomys, Marmot [see also Woodchuck], Mouse Hare [whitefooted or deermouse], Musqusor, Muscrat, Octodont); Rodentia cont. (Deermouse, Pakarana, Branicks [Giant Rat], Prairie Dog, Piko or Mouse Hare, Rabbit, Springhaas, Tuco Tuco, Watervole, Porcupine, Viacacha)

New York, New York state, United States


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Clark, James L. (James Lippitt), 1883-1969 (artist), “Mammalia Guide I ,” AMNH Research Library | Digital Special Collections, accessed January 27, 2022,