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Today we began the risk assessment portion of our project. One of the collections had a very curious summary: Various Collections by Various Creators for Various Purposes. Because it was stored in oversized boxes, we had not opened them on our first pass so the contents were still a mystery. When we finally did open them up, what we found was like Christmas! Because it was Christmas (!): cards, drawings, invitations, placeholders, and original artwork created for museum Christmas parties.

This mounted display contains a drawing of Henry Fairfield Osborn by “Bunny” in front of the museum leading his pet dinosaurs. To the right of the drawing is a Christmas card by Charles Knight for Osborn. At the lower right is a random picture of a caveman and a woolly mammoth. Obviously the department had a sense of humor.

Also included in the box were other original artworks by Charles Knight including this great New Year’s painting and a “Welcome to the Third Mongolian Expedition” sign.

(10 collections-2 hours)