In addition to our assignment of exposing hidden collections and performing risk assessment in the Invertebrate Zoology departmental archive, we are also helping to facilitate a shift of the materials. That is, the research library here at the museum will be accessioning the IZ archive and incorporating it into its archival holdings, with OPAC records and all. Given that, we spent a good portion of the day re-housing the correspondence collections we’ve previously cataloged from the filing cabinets where they used to live into 10x12x15 Paige miracle boxes, and labeling the contents. The only portion of the archive that will remain in the IZ department is the New York Entomological Society papers, which is a hitherto unprocessed collection.

The curious, aspiring archivists that we are, we couldn’t help but peek into some of those unorganized boxes that will be left behind. To our delight and amusement, we came across the liveliest item of any collection yet, a scrap album of the centennial celebration (1892-1992) of the New York Entomological Society. Among photographs and newspaper clippings about the event, the album contains a dinner menu…and what an appetizing menu it is. Among some of the savory dishes listed are plain, wax worm, and mealworm avocado; wild mushrooms in mealworm flour pastry; cricket and vegetable tempura; mealworm balls in zesty tomato sauce; mini fontina bruschetta with mealworm ganoush, wax worm fritters with plum sauce; roasted Australian Kurrajong grubs, sautéed Thai water bugs; assorted cricket breads with butter…and for desert, assorted insect sugar cookies. Yum yum.

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