The quest to complete the inventory for the field notebooks continued today in Mammalogy. In last week’s episode, we faced the choice of whether to complete one record for the entire collection or record the basic information for each individual record. After contemplating what a collection-wide record would look like, we decided on the latter course of action. Depending on the creator, collections have varied in size from one folder within an archival box to several bound volumes. We came up with seven basic categories. The first pertains to the name range for archival boxes containing more than one collection. With this information those responsible for retrieval should be able to locate the requested materials more easily. Next we designated a space for creators, dates and expedition names or locations. The Type field describes whether the field notes are journals, catalogs, correspondence or notes. This is followed by a general notes field and extent.

With the completion of this project, we are hoping that the original collections will be more accessible in the online catalog. As an example, we found the following microfilm record in the AMNH catalog:;=D/Xolalla&SORT;=D&SUBKEY;=olalla/1%2C4%2C4%2CE/frameset&FF;=Xolalla&SORT;=D&3%2C3%2C.

The original was inventoried just today and may hopefully get its own call number in the near future. Archival work means big dreams.

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