Today, we came across yet another technology format. We found some stereo slides taken by Hobart Merritt Van Deusen of the 1959 and 1964 Archbold Expeditions. Stereo slides, much like stereographs, are slides with two side-by-side images meant to capture 3-D images. There is a stereo slide viewer in the library (with a replacement bulb!) but unfortunately, we did not have the two D batteries required to enjoy Van Deusen’s fine work.

In addition to finding many new types of formats, we continue to come across prints and documents that chart the life of the museum itself. The various halls that house the Department of Mammalogy exhibits have changed throughout the years. It is interesting to link some of the correspondence about the creation of the exhibits to the architectural plans for the exhibit halls. We have seen that throughout the years, the iconic blue whale has moved to various locations throughout the museum. The attached photo shows one incarnation. Today, we came across a special book of photographs that was given to each donor that contributed to the North American Mammal Hall. The back of the book shows how their contribution was used and gives a hint of how the museum hall was created.


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