Today is my last day working on this project with AMNH. Richard and I continued to work through the departmental records. While we encountered some large collections that were easy to assess as they were clearly paper collections, we also came across some collections that were largely unprocessed which featured a variety of materials. A mixed format, unprocessed collection of only a few boxes ultimately took longer to assess than a large collection of paper materials. Going through the varied and mostly unorganized collections proved to be more time consuming as we tried to accurately identify the formats present and in what amounts. Having worked on Phase II now for just about a month, I was more familiar with the process and identifying material types present in the various collections.

This project has been a very interesting experience. Being part of the first group of project interns was a great opportunity to watch a project take shape. I very much enjoyed working with the materials and getting such a unique glimpse into the American Museum of Natural History has been an amazing experience. Working with Iris, Becca, Beth, and Barbara was fantastic and I thank them for all of their patience and guidance over the course of the semester. I wish everyone the best of luck as this project continues!

Over and out,

Jenny Brown

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