Today was our first day working with the Departmental Records. We toured the collection to get a sense of the types (and quantity) of materials that we will be working with. After an introduction to using the database, we went through a few of the collections – cleaning up the existing data and adding new information as we saw fit. We did find some discrepancies in the dates recorded both in the database and on the boxes so it was good that we double checked the dates of the collection items.

We found conference agendas, most of which were in bound volumes, which may be related to other manuscript records in the future as they are from the time when Henry Fairfield Osborn was president of the museum. Moving forward, we think that collections DR002-DR004 could be combined and possibly consolidated as we noticed some duplicate volumes.

The biggest issue that we faced today was the question of what is the best course of action if we notice discrepancies with dates. We are also thinking about what to do with the duplicate bound volumes found in the Conference collections if the materials are eventually merged.

One Response to First Day in Departmental Records

  1. Iris Lee says:

    As far as dates go, please amend them in the spreadsheet and the containing box. Part of this project requires that we verify what is on the shelves against what is recorded in our data sheets before they get made into catalog records. Dates are important markers of information and we do want to be accurate, so thank you for pointing out these discrepancies!

    And to answer you question about the duplicate volumes, we are going to keep them with the collection for now. But please make a note of it in the spreadsheet.


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